Right of Withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is your customer's right to undo an online purchase within 14 days – when shopping at an EU-based store – , or longer if you promise this in your return policy, and return the product, without needing to provide any return reason.

Is the right of withdrawal mandatory?

The right of withdrawal is an obligation for online stores throughout the EU. It means that customers have a cooling-off period of at least 14 days to cancel their online purchase.

As a store manager, you must refund the customer in full upon receipt of the product, if it was sent within 14 days of the customer's notification, or partially if depreciation has taken place.

What is not covered by the right of withdrawal?

Certain products are excluded from the right of withdrawal, such as products with a limited expiration date or hygiene products after they have been used, as well as customized products. Think of flowers, fruit, worn underwear and tailored suits.

It's important to inform your customers about this when they make their purchase and also include it clearly in your return policy to avoid ambiguity and dissatisfaction.

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