Offer flexible (inter)national returns with multiple carriers and 120,000 delivery points

Increase customer satisfaction with a flexible return experience, both domestically and abroad. With Returnista, your customers have the freedom to select their preferred carrier and shipping method when returning an order. 

"It is nice that we can choose from several carriers and that we benefit from the contracts Returnista has with carriers. But surely the icing on the cake is the home pickup service."

Bas Jansen

Owner of EsQualo

Simplify national and international returns

Returnista integrates with a variety of carriers, including DHL, DPD, GLS, UPS, and more. Thanks to the range of local and international carriers, you can always offer your customers a suitable return solution worldwide. 

Provide your customers with a variety of return options

In addition to an extensive network of over 120,000 drop-off points, Returnista allows you to easily offer a home pickup service. You have the freedom to choose which carriers and return options you activate in your return portal.  

Select the most suitable carrier contracts for your business

Whether you've already negotiated agreements or are exploring new rates, with Returnista, you're in charge. Add your own credentials in minutes or take advantage of Returnista's discounted rates.  

Compensate CO2 emissions immediately

Becoming more sustainable is something we should do together. At Returnista, we're committed to creating a world where returns are a thing of the past. We are not there yet. That's why, until then, we offset the CO2 emissions for all shipments processed through our platform.

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Create an international return experience without borders.

Discover the benefits of international returns with Returnista.