Up to 40% more sales through exchanges

Web stores get many items returned because of wrongly ordered sizes. Because only 10% subsequently order the correct size, webshops lose a lot of sales. Meet the Returnista exchange service: the solution that allows items to be exchanged directly during the return process.

Retain up to 40% in sales by converting returns into exchanges

"In the first month and a half of working with the Retunista platform, we converted €3,000 in returns into exchanges. This is value that would otherwise have been lost."

Jeroen Persoon

Marketplace Manager, Butcher of Blue

Encourage exchanges in the process

Ordering the wrong size is never any fun. When a customer returns an item, they will (with luck) order another size. But a difficult return process makes that very unlikely. With Returnista, makes it simple for a customer to make an exchange at the time of return. A simple integration that can convert up to 40% of returns into exchanges. You do the math.

Exchanges based on existing stock

Returnista integrates with your existing systems, including the system that keeps track of your stock. That means you can offer customers different sizes that are actually in stock. Discover how setting better expectations is always better than saying 'no'.

We help more than 1,000 organizations

convert returns into exchanges

See how we help businesses increase exchanges during the returns process

Discover how Butcher of Blue, Stieglitz and Icon retain additional sales with Returnista's exchange service.