Returnista's mission is to provide webshops with a return solution that contributes to increasing customer satisfaction, reducing returns and therefore the costs of the webshops.

In order to be able to reduce returns you first need returns, unfortunately there is usually no lack of returns. Once you have returns, we see this flow as the key to solving this problem. Through the in-depth data collection we help you in the long run to reduce your returns. How do we do this exactly? Request a demo below.


From the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam we work together with a great team in which we are working every day to improve our service for more than 500 customers!

Quinten Muller


Olivier Muller


Alex Freshmann

Full stack developer

Simone Boeren

Customer Support

Derek van Grieken

Business development manager

Algirdas Sidabras

Full stack Developer

Linda Fleck

Customer Support

Jasper Vloedgraven

Sales manager

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25 under 25 of 2018, Returnista.


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Returnista introduces on-demand return service together with Sandd.


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