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The world of e-commerce is changing. Webshops are fighting for new customers, while consumer demands are only increasing and sales are coming under pressure.

At Returnista, we believe that e-commerce companies that provide an optimal customer experience win. And we know better than anyone that the return process plays a crucial role in this.

That's why we offer a return management platform that allows us to automate and optimize the entire return process, resulting in fewer returns, more sales and an optimal customer experience.

Thanks to our innovative strength, we have a state-of-the-art return solution that enables webshops to get the most out of their return process, now and in the future. This is how we work together towards a world in which returns are a thing of the past.

From expense to revenue generator

with respect for the environment


Fewer returns

Reduce returns by understanding your customers' return behavior.


More sales

Offer exchanges during the return process to retain valuable sales.


Less customer contact

Give consumers the information they need and avoid unnecessary questions.


Flexible returns

Get access to all carriers and enable foreign returns.

Frustration surrounding the returns process

was the start of a successful enterprise

We founded Returnista in 2017 when we realized, to our amazement, how little attention was being paid to one of the largest pain points in the online customer journey: returns. Back then, online stores accepted a 40%+ return rate as a part of doing business, not fully taking into account how returns were hurting their financial performance, customer loyalty, and the environment.

Five years later, the world looks quite a bit different. Finally, there is a big shift in thinking. A shift towards a more sustainable way of doing business, and a lofty (but achievable) goal to make eCommerce returns a thing of the past to help lower the environmental impact of the industry.

Returnista aims to lead the way in making that shift towards sustainability a reality by helping our customers discover more about their returns process, and leading the way to zero returns. And if a return happens anyway, we will at the very least arrange a wonderful experience for consumers, and extra revenue for our clients in the process.

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"With Returnista, we have made the entire returns process - from sign-up to delivery - as simple as possible. Partly because of this, we now score a 9 on customer satisfaction."

Julie Munneke

CEO and Founder, Tiny Library

"We’re very excited about this service. Returns are really a hassle, but not with Returnista."

Maaike Buunders

Supervisor Customer Care, My Jewellery

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