Lowering your return rate starts with gathering the right insights

Get access to a new world of insights. Understand why products return using an industry-leading data platform. After gaining insights, you can immediately start targeting your return rates to reduce them by many percentage points. This is not only good for the performance of your business, but also for the environment.

12% fewer returns thanks to insight into return behavior

Get the data you need

To lower your return rate, it's important to have the right data. Returnista's dashboard lets you zoom down to the SKU level to see which products are being returned more often than average and for what reason. For example, you can see exactly which sweater in your inventory is often returned for being too large, or which pants don’t live up to the reality of their pictures in your webshop. Using this data, you can make improvements that matter throughout the sales process — such as taking better photos, or writing better descriptions.

Optimize your offering

Returnista goes one step further. By collecting data on the return behavior of your customers, you gain insight into what your various customers like and buy the most. Using your return data helps you optimize what you offer and make personalized suggestions. After all, the better the offer matches personal preference, the fewer returns you will have.

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"We paid a lot of attention to our product videos, photos and descriptions thanks to the insights into our returns. This has allowed us to reduce our return rate from 47% to 32%."

Bas Jansen

Owner of EsQualo

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