Drive your performance with a proven returns strategy

With Returnista you can reduce returns and improve your customer experience thanks to our innovative, automated, and optimized returns solution.

Trusted by 1000+ industry leaders

Offer your customer an alternative product

Retain up to 40% of return sales with Exchanges & Store Credit

The most effective way to improve performance your online store is to turn your return stream into a revenue stream.

Understand your return flow

Reduce your return flow by more than 20% with data insights

Understanding at a glance why products return and how to prevent it is invaluable to any eCommerce business. Discover the capabilities of Returnista's all-in-one data platform.

Keep your customer proactively informed

Reduce return-related customer contact by up to 80%

As your online store grows, so will the number of questions about returns. That takes time, which you can easily save. Proactively notify your customers about the status of their returns.

"Because of the insights from Returnista's dashboard, we adjusted our product descriptions and pictures. Our return rate has dropped from 47% to 32%."

Bas Jansen

Owner of EsQualo

"In the first month and a half of working with the Retunista platform, we converted €3,000 in returns into exchanges. This is value that would otherwise have been lost."

Jeroen Persoon

Marketplace Manager, Butcher of Blue

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