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A perfect return process for you and your customers

make your return process streamlined & insightful

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Return portal in your own look-and-feel

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Real-time insight into all returns

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Quickly connected to your shop

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Return options througout Europe

Used by more than 500 companies

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Increase customer satisfaction
and reduce cost

Give your customer flexibility and clarity with a clear return portal. A return is created within two minutes.

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Return portal in your look and feel

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Enables exchange in the return process

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Multiple return options per country

More informationOur 4.7 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot
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Dashboard & reduced customer service contact

Smoothen your return process with a custom dashboard and receive support from our customer service.

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Reduce your returns through data

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We've already processed over 1.5 million returns and know how we can help you reduce returns.

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Clear insight into all your returns

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Reduce the pressure on customer service with our live support

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More than 500 e-commerce players use Returnista

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Discover in 15 minutes how to optimize your return process.