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With Returnista you can reduce returns and improve your customer experience thanks to our innovative, automated, and optimized returns solution.

More than 1000+ brands

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Retain up to 40% in sales

by converting returns into exchanges

Nearly 70% of clothing purchased online is returned due to incorrect size. Only 10% of these customers reorder a new size, making online stores lose money. The solution? Get to know the Returnista exchange service. Our platform allows customers to immediately exchange their item for the correct size with minimal effort, helping online stores retain up to 40% of their turnover.

Reduce returns

by up to 12%

With Returnista's returns platform, you turn your return flow into a data-driven process. This data helps you better understand the return behavior of your customers by tracking which stock-keeping units (SKUs) are returned and for what reason. Getting to know what causes your customers to return products at the front end of the returns process helps you better respond to their needs, and provides the opportunity to reduce returned items by up to 12%.

Delight your customers

with an automated returns process

A complex returns policy deters up to 80% of customers from returning to your business. Creating a smooth customer experience from start to finish is what makes an online store a success. Returnista helps you automate and optimize, creating a simple, completely online return process for your customers.

Flexible returns

at home and abroad

Returning via DHL, DPD or another (inter)national carrier? Thanks to partnerships with local carriers, Returnista now has more than 120,000 drop-off points and you can create a pleasant return experience for your customers worldwide.

Reduce pressure on your customer service staff

by up to 80%

Online stores are seeing a huge increase in the number of questions they get about returns. These often simple questions steal precious time from your customer service staff—time that could be spent tackling bigger issues. Returnista's dashboard offers a way to do things a bit differently by providing answers to frequently asked questions, and offering customers regular status updates on their returns. The result? Up to 80% fewer questions, and more time for your customer service team to do what they do best.

"Because of the insights from Returnista's dashboard, we adjusted our product descriptions and pictures. Our return rate has dropped from 47% to 32%."

Bas Jansen

Owner of EsQualo

"In the first month and a half of working with the Retunista platform, we converted €3,000 in returns into exchanges. This is value that would otherwise have been lost."

Jeroen Persoon

Marketplace Manager, Butcher of Blue

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Contribute to a sustainable future

with a cleaner returns process

Returns contribute to carbon emissions. With Returnista you can reduce the number of returns by up to 12%.

Returnista offsets carbon emissions from all shipments made through our platform

With Returnista, paper return labels are a thing of the past, saving directly on ink and paper.

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