Flexible returns at home and abroad

Returning using DHL, DPD or another (inter)national carrier? At Returnista you can create a pain-free (inter)national return experience without borders. Thanks to our partnerships with local carriers, you can offer customers an opportunity to have a package picked up at home.

Flexible returns At home and abroad

More than 120,000 delivery points

More and more online stores are deciding to expand abroad. We like to go with you. That's why we are continuously expanding our carrier network. We now have more than 120,000 drop-off points in Europe, making it easy for your customers to drop off their packages nearby.

Handling returns worldwide

With Returnista, handling returns becomes a piece of cake! Imagine being able to do this easily in over 200 countries - even from countries like the United States, England and Switzerland. In addition, we ensure that your customers are provided with a pre-completed commercial invoice for reimportation into the EU. This gives customers a worry-free return experience and gives your customer service team more breathing room to focus on other important tasks.

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"We chose Returnista to improve and simplify our returns process worldwide for all our Love Stories customers. It works ideally for returns from the UK, USA and Switzerland."

Giuseppe Hentenaar

Head of E-commerce

We help more than 1,000 organizations

with their returns at home and abroad

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