Process returns up to 18 times faster

‍Many online stores process their returns manually. This takes time and, more importantly, is error-prone. With Returnista, you can easily arrange your refunds while we pre-register your returns in your warehouse management system (WMS). Best of all, it’s completely automated.

Process returns up to 18 times faster

Saving time on repayment

Making customers wait unnecessarily is something no one wants. Especially not when it comes to refunds. Returnista's platform provides an overview of all returns waiting for a refund. From this dashboard, you arrange your refunds directly, quickly and easily. This provides you with a reassured customer and time savings.

Pre-notification of returns

Returnista integrates with several warehouse management systems, including Active Ants, Picqer, Montapacking and Radial. The big advantage is that returns are pre-notified. This allows your warehouse to prepare for returns and therefore process them faster. And another added advantage: you can make your items saleable again faster. Double the profit!

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"With Returnista, we have moved from manual return processing entirely to automatic processing of returns. Where previously processing refunds took 2-3 minutes, that has currently been reduced to about 10 seconds."

Stefano Parisi

COO, JHP Fashion

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Process your returns faster with Returnista

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