EAN Code

An EAN (European Article Number) code is an internationally recognized bar code used to identify and track products in e-commerce, retail and supply chain.

Unlike an internally used SKU, the EAN is standardized, meaning that every unique product on the European market has its own unique and immutable EAN code.

What can I do with an EAN code?

You can do several things with an EAN code, including:

  • Product Identification:
    The EAN code uniquely identifies a specific product.
  • Inventory Management:
    By scanning EAN codes, you can track inventory quickly and accurately.
  • Sales and checkout:
    When selling, the EAN code can be scanned to retrieve the correct product and price.
  • Traceability:
    EAN codes allow you to track a product's origin, production and expiration date.
  • E-commerce:
    EAN codes are used in online shopping for product identification and to facilitate the ordering process.
  • Logistics and distribution:
    EAN codes are used to identify and track products during the shipping and return process. In short, EAN codes help manage, track and sell products efficiently.

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