Take control of returns with a flexible return management platform

Turn return costs into revenue. Use data insights to reduce return numbers, incentivize exchanges, and easily establish a customer-centric return policy. Returnista's platform gives you complete control.

"The platform is intuitive and therefore works pleasantly. Both my colleagues and I know how to easily navigate our way through the platform."

Frank van Dam

Teamlead Customer Service, Stoov

Take the guesswork out of your returns process

Never lose track again. Returnista automatically gives you an overview of all incoming returns and associated order information. 

Maintain sales with exchanges

Turn returns into an opportunity. Encourage exchanges directly from the platform. Returnista integrates with your existing systems and always shows customers current inventory.

Handle refunds and exchanges quickly and flawlessly

Manage your refunds and exchanges in one environment. Decide how you want to handle them, one at a time or in bulk. That way you avoid unnecessary mistakes and customers don't wait too long. 

Lower your return rate

Stop using external tools or Excel sheets. Returnista's returns dashboard gives you all the data you need to improve your processes and product offerings, lowering your return rate.

Establish a customer-friendly return policy

You are in charge of your return policy. Therefore, easily set the return period you use, which return reasons are visible and with which shipping options you offer returns.

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