Return Management Platform

One place to manage and monitor your returns.

"The platform is intuitive and therefore works pleasantly. Both my colleagues and I know how to easily navigate our way through the platform."

Frank van Dam

Teamlead Customer Service, Stoov

Overview of all returns

The platform provides a clear overview of all returns, including important information such as order number, return status, customer details and date the return was reported. For more information - such as the return reason - click on an item and voila: all specific information directly on your screen.

Up-to-date information on refunds

In the refunds section, you can see all the items that are ready to be refunded. You can choose to refund one item at a time, or select all items at once. You can also easily approve items for exchange in this area.

Dashboard with key data

Through the dashboard you have an overview of the most important return data. For example, the number of returns, the total value of all returns and the revenue you have retained through returns that have been converted into exchanges.

Customize to your own liking

We think it's important that you are in charge. For example, via the platform you can easily set the return period yourself. You also determine the reasons for returns and select which carriers you want to work with. And with a few clicks of a button, you can convert the returns portal completely in your own house style.

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