Become a partner of Returnista

Returnista enables online stores to use the returns process to offer streamlined experiences, collect data, and sell more. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to solve the complexities of the returns process for merchants while unlocking new profit channels.

Why become a Commercial Partner?

Full integration

With a single integration, we enable you to improve your e-commerce solution by turning your customers' returns process into a pleasant and profitable experience.


We provide comprehensive and complete training in all aspects of returns management, our software, and all processes involved. Your team will perform at its best after we've made them Returnista experts.


Enjoy fully personalized marketing support to strengthen our joint integration. As a partner, you will benefit from the many opportunities for co-creation of content, events, and joint performances.

Profit sharing

Turn the returns process into customer experience-focused sales opportunities for your online shop owners. Share with us in the generated revenue and enjoy continuous extra compensation.

Dedicated partner service

With our partner programme, enjoy a dedicated service team ready to handle any questions you may have on our shared mission.

Higher customer satisfaction

By letting your online store owners integrate with Returnista, you solve one of their most important pain points with a single solution. Build the future of e-commerce with us.

What our current partners think of the cooperation

"The entire returns process now runs super-smoothly. And if something does go wrong, Returnista helped in a quick, competent, and kind manner."

Giuseppe Hentenaar

Head of E-Commerce, Love Stories

"Returnista's proposition is a perfect fit with the challenges TCOG's customers are facing. Together with Returnista, we can now digitally transform Fashion & Retail customers and provide them with smart solutions that optimize return handling and flows."

Eric van der Craats

Sales Manager, TCOG

Committed to sustainability? So are we!

On the road to Zero Returns

The best possible reality for sustainable e-commerce is one in which there are no returns. That is why we want to go for ZERO returns. Will you join us?

Sustainable Initiatives

Returnista is constantly working with companies and NGOs in Europe on initiatives, events, and pilots to make new technologies a reality. Do you have an initiative or do you want to contribute to something? Join us.

Partner Network

Become part of a network of partners that continuously works towards a better future. Come and share your ideas with us, develop initiatives, and make commitments. We turn ideas into reality, and would love to do it with you.