Fewer return questions, more time for customer service

Many growing online stores are seeing an increase in return questions. At Returnista, we help you answer these return inquiries faster. We also provide you with the information you need to proactively provide customers with status updates. The result? Up to 80% fewer inquiries.

Fewer questions about returns more time left for customer service

Proactively share status updates

Over 80% of consumers expect to receive updates throughout the customer journey. Especially when it comes to returns, they want to know when they will be refunded. You can! With Returnista, you know exactly where a package is, and you can proactively provide your customers with status updates.

Answer questions about returns faster 

Returnista gives you full access to every item returned or still in the process of being returned. Our handy search feature lets you burrow down to the SKU level, giving you the information you need to quickly answer questions from a customer about their return.

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Outsource your return requests

Would you rather not receive questions about returns at all? Then choose to outsource that. Our customer service is available 24/7 via chat, WhatsApp and Facebook. So your customer service can get back to focusing on sales.

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"Currently, our returns portal is fully automated. This has taken an awful lot of work out of the hands of the customer department. For example, in January alone, between 200 and 300 return requests were handled completely independently by WoodWatch customers. This translated into 79 hours of time saved."

Kevin van der Veer

Co-founder, WoodWatch

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