Return Costs

Return fees are costs incurred when a customer returns a product to the seller or online store, such as shipping and handling fees.

Who should pay the return costs?

The seller or online store is usually responsible for paying return costs in cases where the product is defective, delivered incorrectly or if there is some other error on the part of the seller.

When using the right of withdrawal, the return costs are also the responsibility of the seller.

However, if the customer returns the product on their own initiative, outside of legal requirements, the return costs are usually borne by the customer, so it is important to mention this in the return conditions so that the customer is aware of this.

Why should or should not you charge a return fee?

As an online store, you can use return charges strategically to reduce returns and encourage exchanges.

By charging a return fee, you create a financial barrier for customers to return products. This can lead to reduced returns and higher customer satisfaction if customers choose to exchange rather than return.

It is important to strike a balance between reducing returns and ensuring positive customer satisfaction.

Interested in retaining sales and reducing returns?

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