A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a unique identifier used internally to distinguish a specific product or item within an inventory assortment or store location. It is used for inventory tracking, identification and management of products.

Are SKU and EAN the same thing?

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and EAN (European Article Number) are not the same thing. SKU is an internal reference code for inventory management, while EAN is an international bar code for identifying products in the European market.

Different online stores can use the same SKU code for two completely different products, but if they both sell exactly the same product they must use the same EAN code when selling within the EU.

Is SKU the same as article number?

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and article number mean exactly the same thing in many cases. They both refer to a unique identifier used to identify and manage a specific product or item in an inventory system.

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