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How JHP Fashion processes returns 18x faster with Returnista

Discover how high-end fashion web store ‘JHP Fashion’ saves time, work and money using Returnista

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More than 90%

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18x faster processing time

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JHP Fashion


JHP Fashion

This brand has been a household name in the luxury segment of the fashion industry for over 15 years. Recently, the company made a complete switch to an online-only business model.





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How JHP Fashion processes returns 18x faster with Returnista

With several luxury brands in its range, JHP Fashion has been a household name in the high-end segment for more than 15 years. 

We spoke with Stefano Parisi, COO of JHP Fashion, about the challenges of the fast-growing company.

Stefano Parisi, COO of JHP Fashion

"Over the past 8 years, we have been working hard to offer our high-end fashion products online. We were one of the first multibrand stores to completely move our company into the virtual world. This of course came with a set of new unique challenges."

Providing a smooth online customer experience, applying an easy mobile-first approach, offering the right size guides, setting up an effective returns process; every e-commerce company needs to find appropriate strategies and solutions for these aspects of the online customer journey.

Gaining insight into return reasons and setting up a returns process: how do you do it?

One of the biggest challenges we faced at JHP Fashion was getting the right return insights.

Ofcourse every online store has to deal with returns, but you really need a good insight into the return data to ensure an optimal returns process.

The returns process itself is absolutely essential. It’s important to know how to handle the returns, which processes you can use, what software you use to carry them out. We were in need of a tailor-made solution for these important questions.

"You have to let everyone do what they are good at, Returnista is that for returns." - Stefano Parisi

Custom return software or still an off-the-shelf solution: what do you choose?

Initially, all returns at JHP Fashion were processed manually. This meant that customers had to print forms themselves. This often involved illegible handwriting. In short: this implied a lot of unnecessary work.

Keeping that in mind, it was obvious to us that the returns process had to be fully automated.

"Initially, we wanted to build our own returns module to handle the automation of the returns process. But soon we realised that building such a return module ourselves would create an awful lot of costs and extra work. In our search for support, we stumbled upon Returnista and decided to go for an off-the-shef returns platform."

How Returnista changed the course and returns are now processed at lightning speed

The implementation of Returnista's returns platform went quickly. We soon realized that the real-time data insights gave us a much better grip on our return flow.

"Now that we have an overview, we have better understanding of where our sore points lie. Simultaneously we moved our manual returns process to a completely automatic returns process. This applies to the customer's submission of the return, the creation of credit memos and the actual refunds."

Whereas previously refunds would take about 2-3 minutes to process, this now has been reduced to 10 seconds.

On the Returnista dashboard, we can refund orders in bulk or by piece after checking them.

The fact that refunds are now processed 18x faster gives our staff more time to deal with other issues!

From returns to exchanges: this is what the future looks like

JHP Fashion is already talking with Returnista about the next step. Parisi: "We want to do everything possible to reduce the number of returns. Returnista offers the possibility of converting returns into exchanges. By doing so, we expect to retain more than 40%-50% of the sales we would have otherwise lost."

JHP Fashion



May 26, 2023




Michaela - Netherlands

Exchanging, packing and returning my stuff was so quick!


Peter - Netherlands

Everything was simple and absolutely perfect!

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