Hidden profit: improving your online store's cash flow with your returns solution

Hidden profit: improving your online store's cash flow with your returns solution
Jonas van de Poel
Jonas van de Poel
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March 10, 2022
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Returns cost more money than ever. Since 2019, the number of online shops has increased by 134% percent, while at the same time the number of returns increased by 431%. 

At the same time, the increasing competition among online stores means that every opportunity to stand out must be seized. 

Olivier Muller, co-founder of returns platform Returnista, spoke about this with Kevin Sipin in a webinar for the e-commerce industry from cash flow management platform 'Agicap'.

Topics covered by Olivier in this webinar include general developments in online shopping and returns, how to improve cash flow, and how real-time insight into returns can support this. 

He also discusses how to reduce your return rate and the possibilities of converting returns into exchanges. At the end of this webinar, a number of questions from the audience are also answered.

Curious about Olivier's whole story? Watch Returnista and Agicap's webinar here.

Webinar x Returnista - Hidden profits: 3 practical tips to improve your online store's cash flow with your return solution

Wondering how the right return solution can bring hidden profits?

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