TCOG is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold ERP partner with a strong focus on the Fashion, Retail, Hospitality and Industry business. Through 'Proven Software Solutions' they have built a large customer portfolio in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.




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TCOG realizes like no other that the ultimate combination of facts and feelings is decisive for success. That is why TCOG generates real answers to targeted issues with room for feelings, so that companies in the Fashion, Retail, Hospitality and Industry sectors really get the best out of their business.

The complexity of business processes is constantly evolving. Consider, for example, the in-depth analyses required when making strategic decisions, or the complexity associated with efficient inventory management. As a Microsoft Golden ERP partner, TCOG's solutions make these complex business processes manageable. On the one hand, this allows customers to continue to focus on their main activities and growth ambitions. On the other hand, the solution itself is often an essential component to drive the company's growth process.

The partnership between Returnista and TCOG works both ways: Returnista has the strategic goal of optimizing the returns process and TCOG improves the entire IT infrastructure.

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Returnista enables online stores to use the returns process to offer streamlined experiences, collect data, and sell more. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to solve the complexities of the returns process for merchants while unlocking new profit channels.