Picqer is an easy-to-use online software that allows online stores to manage the warehouse.




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Picqer is the number one, easy to use warehouse management software. The goal of Picqer is to provide all online stores in the Netherlands (and beyond) with a 'stress-free' warehouse.
Using Picqer offers at a glance real-time updates on how things are going in the warehouse without switching between different software tools. In this way, Picqer saves a lot of time.

With Picqer, all information about the warehouse is in one central place, and everything that needs to be done in the warehouse can be controlled: from purchasing, inventory within books, and location management to picking, shipping, and returning orders.

Information is automatically exchanged between programs with Picqer. The result? No errors, faster work, and peace of mind in the warehouse. Picqer processes include:

  • Purchasing & receiving
  • Stock & location management
  • Pick lists & smart walking routes
  • Shipments & returns

Integrate Returnista with Picqer

Link Returnista to Picqer and get more revenue, time savings and data insights from your returns process. Interested? Returnista will handle the Picqer integration.

What can be done with this link?

  • Pre-register returns with Picqer, so you can process returns faster
  • Turn returns into exchanges through automatic stock check
  • Leaving more time for other things

Become a partner of Returnista

Returnista enables online stores to use the returns process to offer streamlined experiences, collect data, and sell more. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to solve the complexities of the returns process for merchants while unlocking new profit channels.