Integrate Mondial Relay with Returnista and increase customer satisfaction

Offer your customers flexible return options with Mondial Relay via delivery points or a home pickup service. Plug-and-play your own Mondial Relay contract or use Returnista rates.

This is how the Returnista Mondial Relay integration works

Add Mondial Relay return options to your returns portal and make it as easy as possible for your customers to return their order. At the same time, gather data to further improve your product offerings and reduce returns.

  • Let customers easily create Mondial Relay return labels
  • Offer flexibility with Mondial Relay delivery points and a pickup service
  • Make returns easy at home and abroad with Mondial Relay

In just two simple steps, integrate Mondial Relay with Returnista. Add the credentials and then activate your carrier.

About Mondial Relay

Mondial Relay is a European parcel delivery company that offers reliable and affordable shipping services. They have an extensive network of pickup points and offer various delivery options. As a webshop operator, you can use Mondial Relay to ship your packages efficiently and cost-effectively to customers all over Europe.

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