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Gain real-time insight into all your returns from across Europe, see where a return is located at any time. We also keep customers informed in real time, which reduces the number of customer queries!

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Digitizing return form

By digitizing your return form you get more value from the return process, so we can exchange customers directly in the return process. Gathering return information per product in the return process can significantly reduce the number of returns from your webshop. In addition, we prevent returns from being returned outside the return period. 

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It may happen that a package goes missing in the logistics process, we offer low-threshold insurance to minimize this risk. For €0.99 the consumer already insures the return shipment up to €100.

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Increase the chance of a repeat purchase and consider the possibility of allowing consumers to shop in your shop immediately after registering the return. Returnista opens a coupon in your shop and the customer can shop directly, we take all risks! So you are assured of extra sales

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