Why Returnista

E-Commerce is changing. Companies that win ensure an optimal customer experience at every touch-point of the customer-journey, while those that don't stay behind
Why does the return process play a crucial role in this?
of the consumers checks the return process before purchase, a clear return process thus increases conversion
Consumers expect multiple return options
of consumers find the return options of a shop important in their choice process

Real time tracking of returns

Gain real-time insight into all your returns from across Europe, see where a return is located at any time. We also keep customers up to date in real time, reducing the number of customer queries!

Reduce the number of returns

By collecting return information per product in the return process, you can significantly reduce the number of returns from your webshop. In addition, we prevent returns being returned outside the return period by not accepting returns outside the return period.

Return Insights

By collecting data about the return behaviour of your customers, you can gain insight into which customers are the most profitable for you, perhaps the customers who return the most on balance will still be your best customers!


At Returnista we are passionate about developing the best possible post-purchase experience for you and your customers. How often is your customer service contacted about the status of the refund? With Returnista we keep your customers constantly informed about the status of the return.

Sell more

Easily digitize your return form via Returnista, see per order what the return reasons are and use the power of the Returnista platform. Let consumers exchange clothing directly in the return process and change your return process into a sales process.

Flexible returns

Set up your ideal return process per country, with over 50,000 parcel points in Europe there is always a solution that suits you. We support all common local payment methods to make it easy for your customer to pay for the return directly.

Imagine a return process in which:

Want to offer return options in any country to stimulate sales?
Receive fewer questions about the status of the refund?
Want to learn more about the return behaviour of your customers and get value out of it?
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