Sympany is a social enterprise and works - by conserving raw materials - to create a circular and sustainable textile chain.




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Sympany is a progressive social entrepreneur. Proceeds are invested in making a circular textile industry more sustainable. 


Working with Sympany means investing in accelerating recycling processes. Sympany collects about 20-24 million kilos of clothing a year. What is rewearable is sold and what remains they recycle. The money they make from selling rewearable textiles is needed to fund the primary process. The money that remains, they invest in recycling and innovation. 


Together with Sympany, Returnista sets up initiatives and projects to make the fashion industry circular. Because Returnista easily finds out which returns come back damaged, it is possible to immediately determine which products are eligible for the recycling process.

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Returnista enables online stores to use the returns process to offer streamlined experiences, collect data, and sell more. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to solve the complexities of the returns process for merchants while unlocking new profit channels.