Better return experience with Returnista

Automated process
Exchanging products
Custom tracking
Return data insights

Automate your returns process and save time

With Returnista you can fully automate the returns process, so you don't have to worry about it anymore. This leaves you and your team more time to focus on processes that add value to your business.

Encourage exchanges in the returns process

Turn your returns into exchanges, Returnista lets your customers exchange directly in the returns process, so you can expect up to 3x more exchanges than is currently the case!

Tracking in your look and feel

Keep your customer proactively informed in your own style and reduce the number of questions about the return status in customer service.

Reduce the number of returns through smart data insights

Get a clear picture of the reasons for returns per product, per customer or per country. Extracting feedback from the returns process is key to reducing the number of returns

Reduce emissions and pollution of your returns

Did you know that the CO2 emissions of all shipments made via Returnista are compensated?

Discover in 15 minutes how to optimize your returns process.