Make every return an exchange

Returnista helps you get the most out of your returns process, we do this by offering exchanges and coupons in the returns process.

Encourage exchanges based on live inventory

Facilitate direct exchanges in your return process, item too big? Size smaller! This is how you change your returns process from cost item to revenue generator. We link the exchanges directly to your stock so your customers actually exchange for an item that is still in stock.

Is the customer exchanging for a more expensive item? Then the payment can be made directly in the return process.

Send directly without risk

Returnista takes, if desired, the risk of the direct exchange! This enables us to process the new order directly in the return process so that your customer receives the correct article as soon as possible. Is the customer not returning the item? Then we will reimburse the costs.


By using a coupon, we can increase the number of sales generated by the return process by up to 40%. This works as follows:

  1. A customer reports a pair of jeans worth €100 returned
  2. The customer will receive a coupon in the account of your shop directly after completing the return process
  3. The customer can continue shopping directly with this coupon

Does the customer do nothing with this coupon? It will automatically expire once the return is processed and the customer will receive a refund.

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