Turn your returns process into a data-driven process

Understand your customers' return behaviour and reduce your number of returns! Do you have certain SKUs that return more often than average? Use the return data to guide the sales process.

Get a clear picture of your return flow

See at a glance which products are returned more often than average and the reasons why. This allows you to implement real-time improvements in the purchase process of your shop, we call these actionable insights.

Reduce your costs

Returnista cooperates with many carriers (e.g. DPD, DHL, UPS & Homerr) this not only gives your customer a wide choice of carriers but also offers a suitable solution for every budget. Do you want to offer returns for free? No problem at all! Would you like the customer to pay; we will arrange it! The customer can easily pay with all common European payment methods.

Do more with your return data

Export our data directly to your BI tools or view the insights via the dashboard. With Returnista you become the boss of your return data and you can improve every day!

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